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It’s not the first time you’ve seen it registered: progressive jackpot. This has always interested you because the name seems interesting but you have never passed the course. Today you want to know what a progressive jackpot game is all about. You are doing well because it could be that thanks to this you will become very rich in no time.

You’ve taken the first step to researching information, so we’ll quench your thirst for curiosity and answer your questions. Follow the guide in

The organization of a progressive jackpot

In online casinos, you still need a minimum of organization for online jackpots to take place in the best possible way, especially since there is not just one casino involved but several and often they are. competitors. This is undoubtedly what makes the charm of progressive jackpots. It all starts with the game developer. Take Rival, for example. Rival decides to put a game, with the casinos, in progressive. In this case, all casinos that use Rival’s services for their games will have this one to offer to their players. All casinos will therefore pass it on a progressive basis. This means that you can play on a casino A or on a casino B which is competitors between them, the game will be the same and in addition all the players of the game in question will be on the same network, it thus groups the players together.

All players who log in will place bets. These bets will be cut, a part going to the casino and another part going to feed a jackpot common to all the players on all the casinos using the game. This jackpot is called the progressive jackpot. You now understand why it is possible to see this pot increase very quickly. And the more it increases, the more players are interested and play the game, which increases the prize pool even faster and so on. This is how a progressive jackpot is organized.

Which games are affected?

At the very beginning of the adventure of online casinos, it was only slot machines that were concerned. It also echoed the model of land-based casinos which made the same system of network links for games. To attract a maximum of players to large jackpots, they combined their forces. They still do.

Now, it’s all the games that are concerned. You can find progressive jackpots on baccarat, blackjack, video poker, roulette (the variation is called roulette royale) and more.

Win the supreme gain

It’s no longer a secret that playing a progressive jackpot is expensive if you want to have the chance to win the super jackpot. Indeed, you will have to bet the maximum each time to trigger the jackpot, and in addition, you will have to make the strongest combination, it could be for example a royal flush for video poker, or 5 best symbols for a slot machine, or even a blackjack (21) for blackjack (strange but fans of this game will understand).


So be careful not to break the bank for this jackpot which is not so easy to hit but which when it falls is good. Sometimes it is several million euros.

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